Typs of Natural Fabric Fibers

natural fabrics

To decorate with fabric, you must understand fabric. You should know all of the various types of fabric used for throw pillows, window treatments, furniture, rugs and textiles. There are three primary categories of fabric:

  • Natural Fabrics
  • Mandmade Fabrics
  • Industrial Fabrics

We will cover all three categories of fabrics throughout our blog but today’s post will provide some detail on various types of natural fabric fibers.


Here are the most common natural fabric fibers:


Cotton is one of the most popular natural fabrics and is often used for clothing and bedding. The fabric is comfortable on skin and adjusts to temperatures that make it suitable for all seasons and climates. Cotton will absorb sweat during hot weather and cool the body and retains heat during the winter. Your sure to have multiple items made with cotton in your closet and throughout your décor.


Silk is an elegant fiber and the most durable of all of the natural fabrics. The fabric has a rich history and is used for elegant dresses and fine clothing as well as for bedding. Silk is very comfortable on the skin and is very popular throughout the world.


Linen is primarily used for home furnishings and décor. However, the fabric is comfortable on the skin and resistant to allergies so some clothing is made with linen. You will often find linen tablecloths and window treatments. Homeowners will decorate with drapes made of linen to allow more light into a room. The material is easy to clean and maintain and extremely durable too.


Wool is extremely durable and resists wrinkles. The fabric is very popular for winter clothing, sweaters and outerwear and is seen in homes as rugs, carpet and blankets. Wool is flame-resistant and very comfortable. The most famous and luxurious type of wool fabric is cashmere which is often used for scarves and sweaters.


In terms of decorating and design, leather is often reserved for upholstery. A leather recliner or couch are sophisticated touches to add to any room. For the most part, leather is reserved for outerwear and pants and fashion accessories. Leather is very soft but it is also extremely firm and will last a lifetime if cared for properly.


Hemp is a natural fabric seen in shoes, clothing and décor. The fabric is extremely water-resistant and able to withstand harsh conditions for extended periods of time. Around your home, you will find towels, drapery, table settings and bedspreads made of hemp.


Jute is reserved for carpet, rugs and floors in a home. The woven natural fabric is extremely durable although it can be difficult to clean and maintain.

Look around your home and see if you can identify the items made from the natural fibers above. Decide which items you love the most and consider purchasing more décor and accessories made of that natural fabric.