Types of Manmade Fabrics

manmade fabrics

Be sure to read our last blog covering the various types of natural fabric fibers. This post will offer details on manmade fabrics used for décor and clothing.

There are far more synthetic or manmade fabrics than natural fabrics as manufacturers continue to find ways to blend materials and fibers together for durable and beautiful textiles and apparel. This post will cover some of the more common and popular types of manmade fabric.


Here are the manmade fabrics and fibers found in homes today:


Acetate is considered to be the manmade version of sik. The fabric is very soft and luxurious and is made from cotton remnants and wood pulp. Acetate is resistant to mold and mildew and used for various types of apparel and bedding.


This is a woven sheer fabric with drape often seen on prom dresses, wedding dresses and evening gowns. You will sometimes see chiffon used as an accent on bedding or throw pillows and various décor in a home but most often it is seen on women’s apparel. Chiffon is a blend of various manmade and natural fibers including silk and cotton.


Acrylic fabric is the manmade version of wool. You will see it used for the same purposes as wool but the cost is less expensive. This manmade fabric is a very popular choice for furniture upholstery because of its comfort and durability and lower price point.


Organza fabric has a thin, sheer weave and is often found on handbags and similar accessories. You will find traces of silk in some organza products otherwise it is a blend of synthetic fabrics such as nylon and polyester.


Nylon is our favorite manmade fabric and it is widely seen in both the apparel and décor industry. Several clothing items are made with nylon and the material is also used for rugs, carpet and many domestic fabric items. Nylon fabric is durable, easy to clean and maintain and stretchy and resilient. It’s many properties make it a popular choice for designers.


You will find polyester fabric in both apparel and décor. Polyester is used for curtains and window treatments, furniture upholstery, carpets and more. The fabric is also very popular as an affordable clothing fabric. Polyester is durable but not always easy to clean or maintain.


Denim is a hybrid of twill and cotton that is both durable and comfortable. The most popular use of denim is for blue jeans but you will also find it used as an accent on home décor and various accessories.


Rayon fabric is both woven and knit and used for several fashion and home décor items. You will find rayon rugs and flooring as well as window treatments. The fabric is very affordable and a popular choice for homeowners to design with.

Additional manmade fabrics include spandex, velvet and polypropylene. These fabrics have many used but are rarely found in interior design.

There are probably several items in your home manufactured or sewn with the manmade fabrics we listed above. Which is your favorite?