Types of Industrial Fabrics

quilted fabric

We’ve written in length about both natural fabric fibers and manmade fabric fibers and now it is time to provide information on industrial fabric fibers.

Industrial fabric is used for more functional purposes rather than for fashion. You will find some industrial fabrics in interior design but often more as accents and accompaniments to synthetic and natural fibers.


Here are common types of industrial fabrics:


You won’t find fiberglass fabric on clothing or in bedding but the material is an excellent source of warmth and insulation and often found in walls and attics of homes.


Carbon fabric is used for brake pad linings and other automotive and aircraft components. The material is flame-resistant and incredibly resilient to wear and tear but not common in home décor.


You will find traces of vinyl in apparel or sometimes as an accent piece in a home. The material is elastic and durable and features a sheen that is appealing for some design.


This industrial fabric is common in interior design and home décor. Crewel is very beautiful and sought after. You will find it used in drapery, upholstery and bedding in a home as it features lustrous textures and colors.


You will find reflective fabric on safety gear and similar apparel and items due to its ability to reflect light a great distance. However, reflective fabric is not a popular choice for interior design.


Quilted fabric is more of a style than a type of fabric but the end result is often a blend of cotton, silk or wool or synthetic fibers including polyester. You will see quilted fabric on bedding and blankets in a home and it offers a more traditional or classic design element to a room.


Laminated fabric is essentially a protective layer over synthetic or natural fabrics. You will see laminated fabric on accessories and handbags as well as some outerwear but it is not often used in home décor or design.


Narrow fabrics are the most common type of industrial fabric. You see narrow fabric on shoe laces and strings. These fabrics are extremely durable and versatile and used for upholstery, apparel and other décor.

You do not hear as much about industrial fabric in design circles but it does serve several purposes in daily life.