How to Clean Fabric & Upholstery?

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Our recent posts have explained the differences in types of fabrics. There are industrial, manmade and natural fabrics available for manufacturing and construction and all have their own unique traits.

But there is one common factor across all types of fabrics and that is that fabric and upholstery gets dirty over time or after enough use, wear and tear.

There are some types of fabrics that are easier to clean than others but there are some standard principles to apply when it comes time to clean fabric and upholstery.


Here is the correct approach to clean fabric and upholstery. You first want to find a clean, white cloth and dampen it with warm water. Then gently dab the stain or dirt on the upholstery in order to absorb as much of the contents of the dirt and stain as possible.

There are times when just some warm water will be able to eliminate a stain on furniture or clothing and other times will require more advanced methods of cleaning.

Difficult stains on fabric and clothing are a little easier than furniture. For clothing and fabrics, you can throw them into your washing machine and add some stain removal products. Just be sure to read the labels on the clothing in order to determine the proper methods for using the washing machine.

You can also remove difficult stains on fabric with club soda. The carbonation in club soda is often able to penetrate the surface of the fabric and lift the components of the stain from the fabric fibers and off onto the towel or cloth you use to dab the stain.

To deep clean upholstery and furniture is much more difficult. You cannot put furniture in a washing machine so you will need to manually attempt to clean the furniture.

You can attempt to use club soda on furniture. It can be successful for more recent stains on furniture. But for dirt and soil that have been in the furniture for a very long time, you will want to consider a more full-service approach to removing the dirt.

Because furniture is very expensive, especially if you choose a natural type of fabric or upholstery, you should be careful in attempting to clean it. This means you should consider hiring a professional service for the job.

You can often hire a professional carpet cleaner that includes upholstery cleaning in their service. We recommend Nature’s Care Chem-Dry in West Bend, WI. You can find a Chem-Dry near you too. Chem-Dry uses a powerful form of carbonated cleaning for carpet and upholstery. This method is safe for the furniture and able to remove very difficult upholstery stains.

Unfortunately, there is no type of fabric that won’t get dirty. You will need to consider how often you want to clean fabric before determining what type of clothing or furniture you want to buy.

When it comes time to clean the fabric or upholstery, our tips above should help you complete the job with ease.