How to Decorate With Drapes

Drapes are an underutilized element of interior design. Drapes are available in countless colors and bold patterns and can transform a neutral room into something stunning. You should invest time in choosing the perfect drapery when decorating your home.

Your drapes are more than décor too. Drapes double as both privacy and a means to let in or block out sunlight from a room. Continue reading for how to decorate with drapes:


If you have painted your room in neutral tones and chosen neutral colors for your furniture, draps can be an opportunity to add a splash of color to a room. We recommend pairing bold color curtains with throw pillows that have a complementary pattern or vice versa. This creates minor details for a major difference in style.

You can remain subtle and choose a hue similar to the one already in the room. We prefer the bold approach but both are beautiful if done correct.


You should consider both the color and the weight of the fabric as well. A lightweight fabric in a neutral hue or light tone will allow a good amount of sunlight to shine through into the room even if the curtains are closed. For a more open space in need of a lot of natural light, you might favor a lighter weight fabric for more sunlight.

The alternative is heavier or darker fabrics. A heavier fabric will limit the amount of sunlight able to enter a room and when the curtains are closed no sunlight might enter at all. Some homeowners prefer a very heavy fabric for the curtains in their bedroom in order to protect those last few precious minutes of sleep each morning.


Be sure the length of the drapes is from the curtain rod to the floor. Include a little extra length at the bottom for a more elegant ambiance. Curtains that do not extend the entire length of the wall send a poor impression to guests of your home.

You can see there are several ways to decorate with drapes and window treatments in your home. Don’t ignore drapes when it comes to additional décor and style for a home.